Snake Eater 850cc/min, 80b/hr@43PSI Injectors

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Price is for set of 8 injectors.

Full Injector Flow/Offset report included in package and Plug and Play ECU tuning data for all SEP Injectors included with purchase via email request. (Plug and Play ECU data/Injector characteristics provided by Calibrated Success Inc./Greg Banish)

Fuel Compatibility: Standard Gasolines and Ethanol Flex fuel

Crank Horsepower Rating @58psi fuel pressure, 93 octane, V8 engine with 1 injector per cylinder: 1000hp

Connector: Jetronic (EV1 Deka Body) USCAR (EV6 LSA/LS3,12594512), Multec 2 (17113698)

Flow Rate @43: 850cc/min, 80b/hr

High Impedence, 12.5 ohms coil

*** It is IMPERATIVE when running high flow fuel injectors you run a 10 Micron inline aftermarket fuel filter system!!! Failing to do so will allow debris COMMONLY found in pump gasses into the injector body and begin to alter fuel flow rates and/or cause TOTAL FAILURE of fuel injectors voiding your warranty and damaging your engine***

Deka Body Vehicle Fitment:


  • 2.5"-2.75" injector height Manifolds (Truck, TBSS, Flex Fuel) fit with appropriate fuel rail or 1/4"-1/2" spacer and extended hardware. How to: Fuel Rail Spacer

Ford Mustang

  • Bullitt - '08-'09
  • Cobra - '99-'04
  • GT - '05-'10
  • Mach 1 - '03-'04
  • V6 - '99-'04

LSA/LS3/LS7/L99 Body Vehicle Fitment


  • Any LSA Supercharger swapped LS family motor
  • '10-'15 Camaro SS with 6.2 LS3 and L99 engines
  • '14 Camaro Z/28 with 7.0 LS7 engines
  • '08-'13 Corvette with 6.2 LS3 engines
  • '06-'13 Corvette Z06 with 7.0 LS7 engines
  • '13 corvette 427 convertible with 7.0 LS7 engines
  • '09 Pontiac/Holden G8 GXP with 6.2 LS3 engines

Truck Body with Multec 2 plug (OEM PN 17113698)

  • 2001-2007 Chevy, GM, LM4/LM7/L33 Engines,
  • 2001-2007 Avalanche, Escalade, Express 1500/2500, Silverado, Suburban, Tahoe

Truck Body with EV6 plug (OEM PN 12594512)

  • 2007-2009 LC9/LMG/LMF Engines
  • 2007-2009 Avalanche, Escalade, Express 1500/2500, Silverado, Suburban, Tahoe

EV14 Medium, 48mm Style Fitment

    • GT500 Mustang
    • Dodge SRT 4/8 Engines
    • Hellcats
    • Honda motors with 14mm rail conversion



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