PTE Sportsman GEN2 PT8385 BB Turbocharger - 1400HP

PTE Sportsman GEN2 PT8385 BB Turbocharger - 1400HP

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Sportsman GEN2 PT8385 Ball Bearing Turbocharger by PTE

We know you want to be the best both on the track and off. Whether you're a diehard racer or just looking to boost your daily driver's performance, Precision Turbo and Engine has what you need.

For exceptional power and unbeatable technology at an affordable price, PTE can help you find the perfect turbocharger for your unique setup.


  • Rated for 1,400HP
  • Exclusive GEN2 CEA® (Competition Engineered Aerodynamics) compressor wheel machined from a 2618-aluminum forging
  • 82.9mm Compressor wheel and Class Legal for MIR WCF “Street Fighter” class
  • Higher efficiency and faster transient response for maximum power and performance
  • Sportsman v-band discharge compressor cover
  • 85mm turbine wheel
  • Air-cooled, dual ceramic ball-bearing center housing rotating assembly (CHRA)
  • Multiple turbine housing options available


  • Universal

What's In The Box?

  • 1 - Sportsman GEN2 PT8385 Turbo

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