FueLab Prodigy Reduced Size EFI In-Line Fuel Pump

FueLab Prodigy Reduced Size EFI In-Line Fuel Pump

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FUELAB has taken Fuel Delivery to the next level... Digital. Prodigy Fuel Pumps are the automotive aftermarket's first and only speed controllable DC brushless driven fuel pump. Fuelab's award-winning, patent-pending designs offer improved durability, substantially higher efficiency, and lower current draw. With digital fuel delivery, you get unheard of electro-mechanical efficiencies in a package half the size of competing pumps.

 The 40401 pump flows 75 GPH @ 45 PSI and is rated up to 700HP. All the great features of our original Prodigy series in a smaller package!  Get the benefits of a 255 lph rated fuel pump with a less current draw and cross fuel compatibility all in a pure billet format.

Pump Features

  • Compatible with gasoline, diesel, methanol, and ethanol
  • High-efficiency sling vane positive displacement pump
  • Special housing shape for extremely quiet operation and steady pressure
  • Carbon 9-vane construction with pressure balanced rotor for high reliability
  • Backed by a 2-year limited warranty

Motor Features

  • Lightweight super-efficient DC brushless motor reduces current draw
  • Low mass rotor for high-speed reaction to changes in speed and flow
  • Powerful high flux density Neodymium rare earth magnets
  • No motor brushes to wear out or corrode (low-Sulfur diesel, no problem)
  • Wet motor design, no dynamic shaft seals that can wear out

Electronic Features

  • Internal speed controller for variable flow operation
  • 12 to 16-volt vehicle electrical system compatibility
  • Accepts PWM input for speed control
  • No expensive add-on voltage regulators or pump controllers required!
  • Continuous duty–motor speed can be adjusted for street or strip fuel demand 

Construction Features

  • Compact, lightweight design, 2 lbs, overall length 6.03", diameter 2.63"
  • Billet Aluminum Construction with anodize per MIL-A-8625, Type II
  • High-quality mounting brackets included
  • Long-life, multi-fuel compatible Fluorosilicone static seals
  • Accepts standard or port-style –10AN fittings

Important Disclaimer for Evo X Owners: It has come to our attention that installing a high flow fuel pump in the Evo X may cause excessive fuel pressure in the return line. The issue appears to be caused by an intentional restriction in the fuel pump housing that is designed to scavenge fuel from the passenger side of the fuel tank. We have not yet heard of any issues from E85 users (which is most likely due to increased fuel requirements), however, several pump gas users have experienced issues in which the fuel return line will detach from a joint or the fuel pump housing itself resulting in a fuel leak. The increased fuel pressure will also have an effect on your tune causing a rich condition. We are currently exploring a fuel pump housing modification with the hopes of rectifying these issues. In the meantime, if you plan to run pump gas with a high flow fuel pump we strongly recommend installing a fuel pressure gauge to monitor conditions and ask that you proceed at your own risk.

Important Note: This item is not vehicle specific. It is compatible with a wide range of applications and is therefore displayed on our site regardless of your vehicle selection. Please review the specifications and verify compatibility prior to placing your order.


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