FABbot NexGen AR5 to LS Transmission Adapter

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Transmission Type: Colorado/Canyon
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Rj Barr
Top quality adapter!

Like the comments before there is some time for this to be made, thankfully sales contacted me let me know they were behind.. i would say if your plan on doing the swap make sure you buy these a few weeks before your start, unfortunately me I thought when I ordered it I would get it soon so I jumped the gun torn apart all my truck, well living in a hot they made a complaint so I had to take my truck to a storage till this adapter got made so I can complete the swap.. besides that hiccup I would say everything from swapping from a 4l60e I did not have to modify the crossmember or driveshaft everything bolted right up! Which was crazy! Never had a direct bolt on.. I would say the way they suggest to run the hydraulic lines and exit through the 2 line cutouts was kinda hookey.. I drill drilled two 1 in holes through the bellhousing where it was a straight shot.. you can look up my social media channel on tiktok or Instagram and soon to come youtube of my whole swap, look up barely sane garage .. I would've rated it a 5 star if they would've least put on thier website like a estimated time delivery like before you click add to cart like a note: estimated 25 days etc.. so I would've been more informed.. I love this company though! For making it possible to have something else than the shitty t56 swaps..

Jordan harris
Great adapter!

Great adapter! But if your on a timeline dnt come to these guys.. you'll wait over 2-3 weeks even though on thier Instagram they claim they have them made and ready to ship. There is a guy on the fb ar5 forums that makes the same adapter and ships the next day. Obviously out of respect I won't post his info but just do a simple search you'll find him Ar5 swap fb forums. I end up buying his to see the quality and compared to fabbot its exactly the same.. and what's funny his came 3 days before fabbots 🤣 . I'm sorry fabbot but hopefully in the future and for the sake of your customers not leaving you'll have to catch up your shipping department faster.. peace and love

Wesley Hunt
AR5 to 4l60e Adapter

Fits great!

ryan wolf
Works great

Adapter worked great. Came with all required hardware.

Was not happy having to check on both orders I've made with FABbot. Verified beforehand items were in stock. Ordered then heard nothing for over a week. Emailed to check on the order received the "sorry for the delay will try and get it out" should have better management for orders.

Nicolas Langlois
Perfectly made! couldn't be easier

Swap made easy! It really is. I bolted my AR5 into a 6.0 LQ4. The provision for the two hydraulic lines are excellent! Total AR5 swap cost is haft of any used Tremec I could find! Anyone reading this I would recommend you order and be patient. It took little time from the initial order to delivery but worth the wait! Very pleased!

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