FABbot BMW E9x 7/8” Clutch Master Cylinder Kit

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Do you have a BMW E9x with a transmission swap, and the pedal travel and engagement just isn’t right? Does the pedal have to go all the way into the carpet to get the clutch to disengage and allow you to shift without the gears grinding? Is the engagement point high on the pedal travel? If so, FABbot has the answer! This 7/8” bore master cylinder kit will fix all these issues and is almost a 100% bolt-in process. The kit includes:

  • (1) Modified Wilwood Master cylinder w/ 3/8”-24 feed port outlet
  • (1) FABbot billet adapter
  • (1) New reservoir to master hose
  • (1) Installation instructions
  • All necessary hardware

Options include:

  • 3/8”-24 banjo to -3an or -4an
  • -3an or -4an braided lines in various lengths in uncoated, clear coated, or black coated
  • Slave cylinder to -3an or -4an adapters

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