FABbot AR5/T56 Remote Clutch Bleeder

FABbot AR5/T56 Remote Clutch Bleeder

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Bleeding a late model GM hydraulic clutch system just got easier! No more having to have someone pump the pedal while you're under the car cracking the bleeder. 

With the FABbot Remote Clutch Bleeder, the bleeder is relocated under the hood next to the master cylinder reservoir. At 4'+ in length, simply open the bleeder, place the end under the fluid in the master cylinder, and give your pedal a few pumps. Then close the bleeder fitting and you’re all set!

Works with LS1 Camaro & Firebird, 97-04 Corvette & Z06, 04-06 Pontiac GTO, Colorado/Canyons, and more!

Construction: extruded TeflonTM (.040" wall) tube with stainless steel single wire braid cover.

Opperating Temperature Range: -100 f to +450 f (-73 c to 232 c).

PTFE TeflonTM Hose Information

Conventional, rubber with textile reinforcement, brake hoses allow a significant amount of volumetric expansion- that is, they swell under pressure. This can lead to poor "pedal feel" which is unacceptable for competition applications. For these reasons, smooth bore PTFE (TeflonTM) hose with a stainless steel braided exterior is used for most high performance brake hose, and hydraulic, applications. Benefits to this type of hose are its low weight, high strength & temperature capability and resistance to road hazard damage. Common brand types are: Aeroquip "TFE Racing Hose" or 2807, "Moquip TFE", Aeroquip Aerospace "666", Speed-Flex "600" & "411". Hose can be used with either reusable, or permanent swage, type fittings. All fittings can be interchanged between brands with the exception of Aeroquip Aerospace. Popular applications for TFE hose are: hydraulic brake & clutch, fuel & oil pressure gauges, nitrous oxide, suspension shock, and fire system plumbing. Hose and fittings are available in AN -3, -4, -6, -8 sizes, with AN -3 and -4 being most popular.

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