FABbot 04-12 Colorado Viking Rear Shock Kit

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Look to really upgrade your Colorados rear leaf spring suspension? We got you covered! This kit not only looks good, but performs amazing! The kit includes:

  • 2x Viking Warrior Double Adjustable Smooth Body Shocks
  • 2x Upper T-Bar Mount
  • 2x 14mm Lower Mount Sleeve


Viking Warrior Double Adjustable:

Viking Warrior™ double adjustable shocks have a digressive force curve for both compression and rebound. This means that forces increase quickly at low shaft speeds and level off at higher shaft speeds. This valving provides excellent low speed control with sufficient high speed forces. The large adjustment range allows the user to adjust from comfortable cruising to performance at the track.


  • Lightweight aluminum twin-tube design with a sleek clear anodized finish.
  • Adjustment knobs: Labeled with a “C” for compression and an “R” for rebound with distinctive clicks. The triple adjustable also has a 1/8" hex for high-speed compression adjustment.
  • Each click on the adjustment works and makes a change. There are no dead clicks. That is why all Viking tuning recommendations are from full soft. Other shock brands often recommend tuning from full tight, as often the first 10+ clicks provide no changes to the valving.
  • By not offering non-adjustable or single adjustable, Viking is able to maximize stroke for each body length, ensuring you get the most travel out of your shock or strut.
  • Aluminum, precision machined piston with a deflective disc and a P.T.F.E. / bronze piston seal.
  • Hard chrome plated, centerless ground piston rod (shocks utilize a 5/8" rod; struts utilize a 7/8" rod).
  • Three-step sealing system.
  • All shocks and struts can be rebuilt or revalved by the Viking factory or any authorized rebuilder.
  • In coil-over shocks, Viking provides bearing mounts as standard, not the less expensive poly mounts. Bearings perform better in supporting the weight of the vehicle and provide for misalignment when needed, thereby relieving unneccesary stress on the piston rod and seals. They are also very durable and don't break down like poly mounts do over time.
  • In bearing mount shocks, Viking uses stainless steel bearing races, not inexpensive nylon race bearings like some competing brands.
  • Left hand threads between the base and the body ensures that the shock/strut doesn’t come apart when adjusting the ride height, as can occur with certain other brands.
  • Viking's double adjustable shocks and struts are priced close to the single adjustable price of most other manufacturers. Viking triple adjustable shocks and struts are priced close to the double adjustable price of most other manufacturers. Viking focuses on independently adjustable compression and rebound shocks and struts only, which means a lower price for you!
  • Two year materials and workmanship warranty.
  • Each shock and strut is hand built, tested, and serialized in Lakeville, Minnesota USA.

*Ships directly from manufacturer*

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