Bosch Motorsports 200lph Universal Fuel Pump

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Bosch Motorsports 200lph Universal Fuel Pump

Bosch electric fuel pumps are designed to provide accurate, consistent fuel pressure for your engine. They are manufactured from quality materials and will deliver reliable, optimum performance. Available in different styles and configurations, the Bosch electric fuel pumps are sure to provide your engine with an adequate and consistent fuel supply.

Important Disclaimer for Evo X Owners: It has come to our attention that installing a high-flow fuel pump in the Evo X may cause excessive fuel pressure in the return line. The issue appears to be caused by an intentional restriction in the fuel pump housing that is designed to scavenge fuel from the passenger side of the fuel tank. We have not yet heard of any issues from E85 users (which is most likely due to increased fuel requirements), however, several pump gas users have experienced issues in which the fuel return line will detach from a joint or the fuel pump housing itself resulting in a fuel leak. The increased fuel pressure will also have an effect on your tune causing a rich condition. We are currently exploring a fuel pump housing modification with the hopes of rectifying these issues. In the meantime, if you plan to run pump gas with a high flow fuel pump we strongly recommend installing a fuel pressure gauge to monitor conditions and ask that you proceed at your own risk.


  • Free Flow Rate: 200 lph
  • Inlet Size: 18mm x 1.50
  • Inlet Quantity: One
  • Inlet Attachment: Female threads
  • Outlet Size: 12mm x 1.50
  • Outlet Quantity: One
  • Outlet Attachment: Female threads


  • Universal

What's In The Box?

  • (1) Fuel Pump [0580254044]



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