BorgWarner 9180 EFR Ball Bearing T4 Turbo

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9180 T4 Turbocharger (600-1000HP) By Borgwarner

EFR 9180 is the biggest, baddest, highest flowing turbo in the EFR family. Capable of a remarkable 94lb/min airflow and stable at very high boost levels, the 91mm OD compressor measures 67.7mm inducer and is a 7 blade FMW compressor.

This turbo will redefine what 67mm turbos are capable of. After receiving requests from many high-power enthusiasts and drag racers restrained to a 67mm inducer, there was a clear need for 1000hp capable turbos that still provide good spool and response. Using the high-flowing 1.05 a/r Twinscroll T4 turbine housing is the most efficient way to run this as a single turbocharger. If twin turbos will be run, the .83 a/r or 1.05 a/r can be used, depending on manifolds and space constraints.

Ideal for use as single turbo applications in the 600-1000hp per turbo range, or as very high power twin-turbo applications >1000-1700+hp. Available with .83 a/r undivided T3 internal WG or 1.05 a/r divided twin scroll T4 housings (external WG). Ceramic Ball Bearing only, water cooling optional (recommended)


  • Gamma-Ti turbine wheel
  • Extended Tip Technology
  • Boost Control Solenoid Valve (BCSV)
  • Forged Milled Compressor Wheel (FMW)
  • Integrated Compressor Recirculation Valve (CRV)
  • Dual ceramic ball bearing assembly with metal cage
  • Compressor cover with speed sensor mounting provisions


  • 600-1000HP
  • B2 Turbo Frame Size
  • 68mm Comp. Wheel Inducer Dia.
  • 91mm Comp. Wheel O.D.
  • 80mm Turbine Wheel O.D.
  • Straight Compressor Outlet

What's in the Box?

  • 1 Complete Turbocharger



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