Aeromotive Eliminator Fuel Pump

Aeromotive Eliminator Fuel Pump

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Eliminator Fuel Pump By Aeromotive

At, we’re always reminding drivers that it doesn’t matter how much horsepower they add to their engine — those horses need water, and a stock fuel pump won’t quench their thirst.

We love Aeromotive’s Eliminator Fuel Pump for its efficiency, flow, and adaptability. Aeromotive calls it a “street warrior,” and we can verify the truth in advertising, because it can handle high horsepower in a race, yet maintain the street-certified normal driving that a true street car requires.

The pump is fully submersible for in-tank placement and can be used for either fuel injected or forced air induction carbureted engines. Its dual-chamber pumping mechanism keeps fuel flowing freely to your engines — 25 percent more flow at pressure than Aeromotive’s previous A1000 model.

This model is compatible with a wide range of vehicles and applications and really shines in blow-through carbureted engines up to 1,700 horsepower. If you’re building a true streetcar for a race, a show or both, this fuel pump will help you get to the track, then dominate it.

Fuel Injected Engines:

  • Up to 1900 HP - naturally aspirated up to 1400 HP

Forced Air Induction Carbureted Engines:

  • Up to 2300 HP - naturally aspirated up to 1700 HP


  • Universal

What's in the box?

  • 1 Fuel Pump



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