AEM Metric High-Flow Inline Fuel Pump - 400LPH

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Universal 400LPH High-Flow Inline Fuel Pump by AEM

AEM’s 400lph Metric High Flow, high-pressure Inline Fuel Pump (PN 50-1009) is the perfect direct replacement upgrade for 044 pump users who want more fuel flow for their high-performance vehicle!

The 400lph Metric High-Flow Inline Fuel Pump has an M18X1.5 female inlet and M12x1.5 male outlet. It utilizes the industry standard “044 Style” envelope. It is capable of supporting over 1,200 HP normally aspirated and a whopping 860 HP at 30 psi boost!* It flows 400lph (105 gph) at 40 PSI, 340 lph (90 gph) at 73 PSI, and 270 lph (71 gph) at 120 PSI. Complete flow curves from 35 to 120 PSI and current draw vs. fuel pressure charts are available on the Specs tab.

The AEM 400lph Metric High Flow Fuel Pump is rated for use with ethanol-blended fuels, (E85/E90) and all types of gasoline, but pump life will be diminished if used with 100% ethanol fuels.


  • Designed for high output naturally aspirated and forced induction EFI vehicles
  • Popular “044 Style” physical configuration with metric fittings for direct replacement of 044 pumps!
  • Maintains very high flow even at boosted fuel pressures; 340 lph @ 73 PSI (30 psi boost)
  • Each pump individually tested to flow a minimum of 400lph (105gph) @ 40 PSI
  • For gasoline vehicles (pump life will be diminished when used with alcohol fuels)
  • Kit includes fuel pump, check valve fitting, terminal nuts & boots, instructions
  • Compatible with Flex Fuel (E85/E90) and all types of gasoline


  • Universal

Technical Specifications

  • Outside Diameter: 60mm OD
  • External Materials: Plated steel
  • Inlet Fitting: M18X1.5 female
  • Outlet Fitting: M12x1.5 male
  • PRV Activation: 150 PSI
  • Impeller: Roller vane w/ ceramic end plate

Voltage Specifications

  • Terminal: 6mm positive, 5mm negative
  • Min Voltage Input: 10 volts
  • Max Voltage Input: 18 volts
  • Current Draw (40 psi): 9.73 amps no check valve, 10.68 amps with check valve (13.5v)
  • Current Draw (120 psi): 16.07 amps no check valve, 17.13 amps with check valve (13.5v)
  • Fuse: 25 amps (13.5v), 30 amps (13.5v) MAX

What's In The Box?

  • 1 - AEM 400lph Fuel Pump
  • 1 - Check Valve Fitting
  • Necessary Hardware
  • Instructions
  • Warranty Information

Please Note

Your vehicle’s factory fuel pump wiring may not be adequate enough to handle the current draw of AEM’s High Flow Fuel Pump. Please refer to the Electrical Requirements section in the instructions document for proper wiring.

Although AEM’s High Flow Fuel Pumps are the same physical size as many OEM fuel pumps, they may not be appropriate for a specific application. It is imperative that you check the fuel pump sizing for your vehicle before purchasing an AEM High Flow Fuel Pump.

AEM does not condone or approve of the modification of a tank to accommodate a High Flow Fuel Pump. The pump’s performance or operation can not be guaranteed if any modifications are made.

This product may not be used outside of sanctioned competition unless permitted by a specific regulatory exemption. It is the responsibility of the installer and/or user to ensure that it is used in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.



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