Setrab Series 6 Oil Cooler

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As the largest stocking distributor of high performance oil coolers in North America, it is logical for us to expand our product coverage and promote a "one stop shopping" approach. For this reason we are adding Setrab oil coolers to our current line which includes; Laminova and our own Mocal brand, giving us the most complete coverage in both air to oil and water to oil cooling products available. With this in mind, current and future BAT/Mocal jobbers and warehouse distributors have the distinct advantage of access to three product lines without a buy-in requirement on each. Retail customers have access to our technical staff: for inevitable questions and recommendations, and enjoy the benefit of dealing with one source for all their cooling and plumbing needs. From a size and performance standpoint, Mocal and Setrab oil coolers can be considered interchangeable. Both brands utilize lightweight aluminum construction with internal "turbulators" in the oil-way for maximum efficiency. Cooler sizes are industry standard in one of two core widths, 115mm (series 1) and 235mm (series 6); a wider 310mm (series 9) is available in some core heights in the Setrab brand. All cores are 2" thick. Notable differences between coolers are: Mocal (silver finish with fixed fluid connections- made in England), Setrab (black finish with 22mm female fluid connections- made in Sweden). Setrab "Pro Line" oil coolers feature a versatile adaptor fitting system. Select from a range of 22mm x -AN unions or hose ends for direct connection to socketless or stainless braid -AN hose.

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