04-12 Colorado/Canyon Braided Hydraulic Clutch Feed Line Kit

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Looking for a braided clutch feed line kit for your Colorado or Canyon? Tired of burning your factory plastic line on your headers just to find out you can't buy a replacment? We got you covered! This kit includes everything you need to run a braided -3an clutch hydraulic feed line from your 04-12 Colorado/Canyon trucks factory master cylinder to your AR5 or T56 clutch slave cylinder. This kit includes:

  • 1x Fire Sleeved -3AN Stainless Steel Braided Line 
  • 1x FABbot Colorado Clutch Master Fitting
  • 1x Banjo Bolt
  • 2x Copper Crush Washers
  • 1x -3AN Union or -3AN to -4AN Reducer (Depending on options selected)
  • 1x 6" Braided -3AN Line to Factory Quick Connect or 24" -3AN Braided Line with GM Clutch Adapter Fitting

This kit comes with the option to connect to slave by using the factory quick disconnect, or by removing the factory quick disconnect from the slave cylinder, and installing an adapter fitting to adapter the slave cylinder to a -3AN fitting. If you are using this on a factory truck, we recommend the quick connect option as this won't require you to drop the transmission. If you are using this in conjunction with our AR5 to LS NexGen adapter, we recommend using the adapter fitting with 24" braided line. Doing this, along with the use of our remote bleeder, will allow you to adapt the transmission to the LS in your truck without drilling any holes in your 4L60E bellhousing.

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