How to Measure For a Custom Driveshaft
 We are very pleased to announce that we are now offering custom 1 piece driveshaft solutions for any one of your vehicles, project or daily, mild or wild. 
 This procedure is very straight forward and is in whole reliant on accurate measurements. Measurements should be taken from the points described in the image below. If your vehicle is equipped with a solid rear axle, measurement must be taken with the vehicle at ride height or with the suspension in its normally compressed position. 
  Upon measurement please be sure to take measurements from the seal of the transmission and not the protruding dust boot, many transmissions like the t56/TKO/t56 Magnum etc will have a dust boot that can be mistaken for the seal. If the vehicle is equipped with a GUIBO couplers they must be removed prior to measurement. 
  The image below shows a seal with a integrated dust boot, the black portion is the dust boot and the red is the actual seal from which measurements should be taken. 
  We offer two options for material, steel and aluminum if you opt for the aluminum, please be aware it will only be available in 3.5" diameter and is intended for lightweight racing applications ONLY. 
Upon order placement and payment of the $250.00 deposit we will review your submission and reach out if we have any questions, comments, or concerns in regard to the information submitted. If you have questions on measurements, please be sure to email us or reach out via call or text prior to ordering, all driveshaft sales are final once full invoice amount is paid. FABbot Fab is not liable for revisions and or modifications after the driveshaft is built due to improper measurement on your behalf.
Please allow for 1 week to build and 1 week to ship, these are all custom to your specific application. Completed costs dependent on chassis, flanges and u-joints will vary from $400-1000 USD. Shipping is a flat rate of $75 to the continental US. 
Custom driveshafts