K20 / K24 To LS Transmission Adapter

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  Here at Fabbot we pride ourselves in manufacturing USA made cutting edge products that are not only high quality but also that are one of a kind. Our K20/K24 to Ls Adapter kit is no exception. 

 We have developed the only adapter on the market for a full GM LS trans of your choice from Powerglide, Th400, 4l80, 4l60e, t56, ar5, and tr6060! This adapter maintains the K-Series 15 degree lean which keeps transmission orientation correct and requires no spacers or shims. That's right... ANY auto or manual trans that bolts to an LS will work with this adapter kit. When using a manual the Oem spec pilot bearings for an LS press into the crank adapter. Our kit also allows you to run any flywheel or flex plate of your choice that will bolt to an LS to allow the use of aluminum flywheels or whatever your preference may be. This should be the end all be all for any serious racer looking to make real power. 

  *Your K-Series block will need to be slightly clearanced to accommodate the starter however this will allow the fitment of any LS bellhousing, with SFI approved bellhousings being no exception.*

Included in the kit: 
-Adapter plate
-Flywheel adapter
-Starter location modification template 

Installation Instructions can be found here.


Potential 3-4 week lead time. 

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