FABbot NexGen AR5 to LS Transmission Adapter

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NEW NexGen Adapter is here!

  • Can now use a factory LS 4L60e bellhousing without ANY modifications
  • ZERO modifications to the bellhousing or front bearing retainer required
  • Allows for the use of an SFI bellhousing
  • Remote bleeder and -3an or -4an feed line required for NexGen configurations


Looking for an affordable manual transmission option for your LSx build, but want something that can take a beating and doesn't break the bank? We got you covered! This AR5 to LS adapter allows you to bolt up an Aisin AR5 5-speed transmission from any Pontiac Solstice, Saturn Sky, Polaris Slingshot, or Chevrolet Colorado behind any gen III/IV LS engine. The kit includes:

  • 1x FABbot AR5 to LS Adapter Plate
  • 1x Pilot Bearing
  • 1x FABbot Clutch Slave Cylinder Spacer
  • All necessary hardware

This kit requires the follow to function:

  • AR5 Transmission - Donor vehicles include All Colorado Truck w/ manual transmissions, All Pontiac Solstices/Saturn Skys, and All Polaris Slingshots. Between these vehicles, the differences break down into 3 groups: Colorado, N/A Car, Turbo Car. All three have slightly different gear ratios and the truck has a slip yoke on the tail shaft, whereas the cars have a flange where the CV joint would bolt to. If you are going to run a car transmission, an adapter is needed to adapt to a U-Joint, and a slip yoke will need to be added to your driveshaft. Click here for the FABbot AR5 CV to U-Joint Adapter.
  • Clutch and Flywheel - This kit is designed to use any F-Body LS1-to-T56 clutch and flywheel. If you do not already have a clutch and flywheel wheel, we have many to choose from.
  • Clutch Slave Cylinder - Uses stock Colorado slave cylinder. If you transmission doesn't have a clutch slave cylinder, we can supply you with one.
  • Bellhousing - This kit is designed to work with a GM 4L60E bellhousing. Specifically, the late LS bellhousing with the upper mounting bolt hole and has casting number 24206952 on the starter bump out. These bellhousings have a 7" depth which is critical for this adapter to function. Zero modifications need to be made to the bellhousing when used in the NexGen configuration. Remote bleeder and -3an or -4an feed line required for next gen configuration. If no remote bleeder and/or the factory quick connect fitting is to be used, (2) 1.5" holes will need to be cut in the bellhousing. This can easily be done with a hole saw. If using an aftermarket SFI bellhousing, be sure to verify that the bellhousing depth is 7", otherwise a spacer may be required.
  • Clutch Master Cylinder - Min. bore size of 11/16" with no more than a 6:1 pedal ratio. We have found that a 3/4" bore provides a nice pedal feel. If using a pedal ration greater than 6:1, a master cylinder bore of 7/8" will be required.
  • Clutch line - If the vehicle came with an AR5 (i.e. Colorado) the stock line can be used. If not, we sell an adapter to adapt the clutch slave cylinder to a -3an.


  • Remote Bleeder - The bleeder port doesn't slick out of the bellhousing. This can make it hard and messy to bleed your clutch. The FABbot speed bleeder makes this job much easier.


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